Latvian cyber security experts participate in NATO exercise “Cyber Coalition”

From 27 November to 1 December, cyber defence experts from the Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution of the Republic of Latvia, together with colleagues from military and civilian organizations, took part in the NATO exercise "Cyber Coalition".

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The most anticipated cybersecurity event in the Baltics – the CyberChess 2023 conference – has just finished

Celebrating the choice to be a cyberspace advocate and at the same time thinking about improving professional capabilities and skills – this could describe the mood on 4 and 5 October, when the international cybersecurity conference CyberChess 2023 took place in Riga for the tenth time during European Cybersecurity Month.

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Cybersecurity conference CyberChess 2023

On 4 and 5 October, during European Cybersecurity Month, Riga will host the tenth international cybersecurity conference CyberChess 2023. The event will provide an opportunity to engage with and learn from world-class cybersecurity experts from both the Baltic region and beyond.

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“Shared threats, shared understanding”: U.S., Canada and Latvia conclude defensive Hunt Operations

During the three-month long operation, the U.S. team worked with CERT.LV, the Information Security Incident Response Institution of the Republic of Latvia – on a defensive cyber threat hunting operation focused on the Latvian critical infrastructure. CERT.LV plays a critical role in safeguarding Latvia's cyber ecosystem and supporting the country's digital transformation.

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CERT.LV Deputy Manager will receive Order of Three Stars

According to the decision of the President of Latvia and Chapter of Orders of 4 April 2023, CERT.LV Deputy Manager Varis Teivāns has been awarded the Order of Three Stars. Oficial award ceremony took place on 4 May at the Riga Castle.

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CERT.LV shares a unique threat-hunting experience with the NATO allies

CERT.LV was honoured to host a visit by the Dr. Mart Noorma, The Director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) and Colonel V.G. Kirstein, Canadian Armed Forces, CD Commander, Task Force Latvia. During the visit, CERT.LV shared the attained unique experience on the threat-hunting operations.

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