International Cyber Defence Surge: CERT.LV leads a Month-Long Operation in collaboration with Allied Forces

CERT.LV has just concluded a month-long surge in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS), and the Latvian National Armed Forces (LNAF) to augment and further strengthen the ongoing threat hunt operations aimed at defending the networks, systems and digital services of significant importance to Latvia.

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CERT.LV activity review Q1 2024

In Q1 2024, the number of threats and incidents reduced only by 3% compared to the same period in 2023. In addition, it was 5% higher than in the last three quarters of previous year. Latvia has demonstrated a convincing cyber- resilience, and cyber-attacks recorded so far have not had a significant or lasting impact on society.

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Cyber Europe 2024

The largest European Cyber exercise is back this year for its 7th edition! The 2-days event will take place in June tackling the resilience of our Energy sector, and challenging thousands of players acting closely with cybersecurity.

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Locked Shields 2024 demonstrated the real power of cooperative defence

Locked Shields 2024, the world’s most advanced live-fire cyber defence exercise, concluded with an unprecedented twist. They demonstrated that the true power lies in fostering collaboration to enhance collective security rather than competing for the exercise’s victory.

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National cybersecurity exercise “Medus Pods 2024” concluded

The annual National Cyber Security Exercise “Medus pods” was held in February to enhance capabilities to respond to cyber threats, identify needed improvements, and promote civil-military cooperation in cyber defense of national critical infrastructure.

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Report on the implementation of CERT.LV tasks

The situation in the Latvian cyberspace in Q4 2023 was intense but stable. The volume of

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